Dellorto carb setup other various mods

Hey all,

I have just recently decided to buy another orange moto guzzi robin from a friend here in KC. I am going to keep the one I have completely stock. I am even going to transfer some parts from the newer robin in order to have one full complete ped. I am planning on modding the new one. I guess I have a few questions. I want to put a larger carb but how large is too large and since its a benelli motor do I need to get a new intake that would accomidate the larger carb? Im not really even sure on the existing size. It used to have a SHA 14.9 carb but I upgraded to the 14.12 and it fit fine on the stock intake. I am also planning on putting an exhaust on it but Im not sure if the ports on it are also standard size. They are the 2 bolt flange similar to what puchs have. I guess I should just measure them but I was just out looking for suggestions on where I should start or what might work well. So your help is appreciated.



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