Brown 1980 Puch MK2

I just got a Brown 1980 puch mk2 in real good shape and i want to restore it all stock but i can't seem to find any pictures of the brown ones only silver ones. Are these rare?

Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

yes...yes they are.

you have a rarer gold and brown Mk2. They are fairly desirable within the moped community. Came stock with 5 star mag wheels (hot)

Show us a pic and we can tell you more.

Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I gots me one of these.

Things that make them jawesome:

-hydraulic forks

-golden 5 star rims (not sealed bearing though, contrary to popular belief)

-oil injected (but I removed mine)

-they look awesome if you remove the rear rack and put straight bars on them instead of the stock handlebars

-Metalflake brown paint is just amazing.

-Will do over 30 stock, probably around 33, but don't have great low end. 18x40 gearing is stock, and you can change it if you want.

Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

I hear ya I do love this bike now that it is running good, I just wrecked in an oil slick and barly scratched the stock pedal and it stayed running! I was hoping to scratch the stock pipe but no luck.

Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

Here is my Mk2

It has a pollini


17x2.50 front

17X2.75 rear

Crazy fast


Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I don't have a pic at work, but my MkII:

65cc metrakit on an e50

15mm bing w/ 15mm intake + high flow filter

Techno Boss pipe

17x2.5 Michellin Gazelles

No fenders, bottom sidecovers, or rack

47.4mph on GPS

Harry, I forgot to call you Friday. Sorry man! I called yesterday and when it went to go to your answering machine it just gave me a busy signal. Duno why, but I'll give you a call today if that's cool.

Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

Yo Mike call my cell 631-245-9514

Put 2.75 On the rear and 2.5 on the front . Makes a diff

Re: Brown 1980 Puch MK2

Love the brown magnums. I cant wait till I start working on mine so next time a thread like this pops up I can post up mine up. Lookin good fellas

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