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Wow there seems to be a record in postings about 'urban' women driving erratically and almost killing riders, then go a step further in their denial to the point of running over a rider or threatening to shoot. Should I be concerned? Is it possible the gas prices are leaving people with less money for malt liquor and causing anger problems? Is 2-stroke exhaust bad for big shiny rims, could that be why they're so upset? Because there are no Rent To Own mopeds maybe? Just wondering, because there doesn't seem to be that level of hostility from guidos and tornado bait

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💀Kim Jong illest💀 /

guidos and tornado bait

Re: All the posts about close calls

fact: gardeners love mopeds.

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I use a can of bright orange spray paint to mak suburbans that almost run me down it is fun, theraputic and allows you to identify them at a distance, it really upsets "urban" drivers if you get the paint on their super expensive 22 inch rims!

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hey brian. Just the other day, this older Mexican lady passed me on the left, on the wrong side of the road?! wtf? Laying on her horn for half a mile, just so she could get in front of me. I proceeded to occupy my lane by way of the weave, and that pissed her off even more. Of course i caught up with her at the next redlight. So I knocked on her window and told this lady that she wasnt supposed to pass me over the bridge, ESPECIALLY on the WRONG fucking side of the ROAD and that I have a plate( the only legal way I could show her that I also have every right to be on the road). I saw her teenage kids in her car looking down, feeling embarrassed, avoiding eye contact, while this lady completely going ape shit on me for knocking on her window. So I go ape shit on her telling her that i got every right to be on the road, and she had better watch out next time. So she takes off at the green sooo close to running me over! FUCKING CRAZY!! im not gonna do that next time. It'll say on my tombstone that I was in the right.

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Ben Van Zoest /

I wouldn't dink w/ south of the border people but give them all the road they need. No insurance no drivers license non-registered cars from what I read in the local papers, arrested for all above often plus drunk driving, case dismissed transferred to ICE what the hell is going on!

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