e50/athena...just a peak

its sooo hard to hold out... this sacramento bike is under wraps. but here is a small taste of its motor...

Re: e50/athena...just a peak

50 or 70?

Re: e50/athena...just a peak

so you definitely powdercoated your engine cases

and thats definitely hot as shit.

oh me oh my.

Re: e50/athena...just a peak

um... e50. but with an athena 70

no no thats no powder coating. its a new high heat formula by ppg im trying out. its a three part mix that is sprayed by a gun. similar to an acrylic urethane single stage paint. but with a ceramic additive.

thanks though

Re: e50/athena...just a peak

oh yah.... thats peek with an "a" for athena. either that or i cant spell.

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