Question for bombardments.

If I travel from Kentucky to Ohio, can I be ticketed for not having a plate on my moped?

Re: Question for bombardments.

possibly unless you have proff of ownership of your bike in your home state, and a copy of the moped rules in your state, and a valid liscence even if you don't need one in your state to ride a may in a different state. Call the dmv where you are going or the state Patrol where you are going.

Re: Question for bombardments.

psh. don't bother calling anyone. they will just be all confused and give you some bullshit answer that won't be anything close to what the cop that pulls you over will make up.

If you carry your KY drivers license you'll be fine.

Re: Question for bombardments.

Jake's right. Your KY license will do you fine. The cop's just going to pull something out of his/her ass...or more than likely not give a shit.

Re: Question for bombardments.

I don't believe any of the shit the po po's tell me anymore. All I hear from them are lies. I carry a copy of the KRS for moped in kentucky, and they hate it when a civilian proves them wrong. Plus calling around wont help either, They just transfer you to different departments until you get frustrated and hang up.

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