stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

Stolen 78 Swinger 2 red, with motobecane long seat, jerry rigged with bungees and a towel, no air box, slightly bent right crank arm, holla if you see this, this was my jam. oh and it happened a week and a half ago on the south west side, i doubt it's coming back. But damn, look how happy we were together.


Re: stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

hey pat. You stopped by when me and buddies were working on getting that ped going.

Sucks it got stolen i'll keep an eye out.

stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

shit... mine just got stollen too... there must be a new ped-stealing outfit.... i keep reading about more mopeds getting stolen... dang.

stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

oh also, mine was a Puch Newport. Tan with brown seat. Keep a look out. Ill look for yours.....

my number is 224.623.1491. i think it is probably a fat chance i will get it back, but i can hope!

let me know if you have any good news.


Re: stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

come on guys, you gotta lock that shit up in chicago!

good luck~!

Re: stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

oh it was locked up.

I had a Onguard U lock.

They broke. the lock.....

Here is the crazy thing.

So i locked it up at a friends house. Went to leave, and the god damn lock key wouldnt work.... i tried, my friend tried.... to no end couldnt get the lock off..... So i with reluctance left it at my friends house..... Locked up. Tried a couple times to visit it and get the key to work.

Then today, it was gone. All that was left was the Onguard u lock. All banged up and broken..... im pretty pissed about the lock.....

Re: stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

no shit. that sucks!

how was the lock broken? did they stick a jack between the U and bend it open?

Re: stolen swinger 2 SW CHITOWN

Hope you get it back.

Sounds like someone tried to pick/break the lock while you were away the first time, then came back with something more effective.

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