speed of maxi

what would you all say was the top speed of a one horse puch maxi?

box stock

no mods



Re: speed of maxi

Ben Van Zoest /

25 20 cruise, depends a lot on rider weight too.

Re: speed of maxi

Mine went 18 dead stock. It was geared with 12/48 gearing. With my kit, pipe, and carb upgrade, I was only hitting 35. I hit 50 with 18/45 gearing and backed off because I still had dry rotted tires. Up those gears. You'll have enough torque, and pull out that metal restrictor. If you want help, email me.

Re: speed of maxi

Stock supposidly was unable to go over 30. In fact, its the law in most places. but stock with 18/45 goes alot faster than 30.

Re: speed of maxi

20 mph was the 1hp .

25 was the 1.5 hp

30 was the 2hp

Re: speed of maxi

But if you pull out the restrictor in the intake and a couple of small exhaust mods and carb stuff you can hit 30 with the 1HP

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