burning carbon out of a muffler

so i know you can put it in a fire but i live in the city so can i do it with a propane torch?

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

Ben Van Zoest /

Won't work I tried. Since the "carbon" muck is wet someone used a pizza oven, dried very crispy and tapped out the remaining black powder.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

go buy one of those disposable bbq grills only abot 5 bucks!

Make some burgers and spicy exhaust pipe mmm!!

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

be aware of the fumes that your exhaust will be chugging out. Not good to inhale.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

30 year old moped exhaust smoke. Don't breathe this!

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler


tie it to a flagp0le and reel it on up during a lightning storm.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

This may work.duct tape the end of the pipe. fill with Coke or Pepsi let sit for two days. Empty. dont drink the cola.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

is there any other way to get the shit out with out putting it in the fire. My exhaust is close to mint and fire is going to discolor the shit out of it....

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

Dump gas in side of it and light it on fire =].

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

Yeah I would also like to hear of an alternate solution if one exists.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

yeah i used a torch but it didnt get it all off the baffle. (i took the baffle out.) i discovered that the baffle came out when smacking it on the ground to get all the shit out. my ped used to do 15 tops. and be really slow acceleration. and now that i cleaned it im going 22 on flats. i had to use a leaf blower to get all the carbon off my driveway there was so much.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

won't putting it in a fire, warp it all to shit?

Carwash Powerwashers

i used a power washer before.

go to your local car wash and stick the carwash gun in it.

itll blow some of that crap out for starters

Re: Carwash Powerwashers

good idea but i dont think that will get it all out. there has to be a way to get everything out all at once...(w.o. burning the fuck out of your muffler)

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

wonder if there is a way to find the original weight of the muffler, then put it on a scale to tell how much carbon is inside it, then clean and repeat the scale to find out how much is still in there.

mine seems heavy, but nothing moves in it.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

ive seen people use torches on old spree mufflers, You get the fire going inside then just keep feeding the fire with the gases from the torch.

was pretty wild to see the black smoke pouring out!

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

I actually just did this yesterday on my Pintos shiny chrome exhaust. . . Used LOTS of engine degreaser and ELBOW GREASE. Sprayed in the degreaser (i got the "gel" kind that sticks for a while. Just spray it in, let it sit for 15-20 mins.), then, dump that liquid out and start scraping the crap out of the inside. For the scraping, i used a length of copper pipe...just used the sharp edge on one of the ends. Large pipe cleaners (the kind plumbers use to clean the insides of pipes before sweating them) work for any curves in the pipe, and i had to use a screwdriver to get some of the more solid deposits off of the baffle, etc. Then i cleaned everything with a different, less environmentally damaging degreaser in the basement sink. This really did take a very long time and LOTS OF ELBOW GREASE. No fire....Pinto flies now.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

tied plugging it up and drain o

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

Why hasn't anyone googled this before?

I feel dumber for having not tried it yet...


Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

I haven't tried this yet, But I swear I'm going to do it next time the wife is away for a while -

Put the muffler in the oven, set it to "Self Clean", then take it out after it's done and tap out the ash. I guess I should make sure the kitchen is well ventilated, though.

Here's something I have done for pipes, but it may work for some mufflers, too -

Get a piece of braided cable, not too big, but not too wimpy, either, about two feet long. Unbraid about two inches at one end, and bend the wires 90 degrees, making a sort of wire brush. Put about a foot of old auto fuel line over it to help hold and control it. Put the other end in a drill. Insert into pipe, crank 'er up, and move the whole thing back and forth inside the pipe. It will tend to flop around inside, but that only helps. Just don't let too much bare cable come out of the pipe while it's spinning. Amazing how much crap comes out.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

I've tried the fire method and the self cleaning oven method.

I live in the city too, so I built a hobo fire and toasted both ends, then beat the carbon out.

for the oven method you definately want to open all the windows and close all the doors. then you should probably leave for a few hours. it doesn't mess up the shine, but it will burn spray paint off.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

whaaa? That link is to their own private label EZ-OFF oven cleaner. No?

What is wrong, after all with just getting a decent brand of heavy duty oven cleaner and using that? I checked online at a few other forums. Lots of pros. Lots of cons. The cons sounded suspiciously apocryphal (i had a buddy once....), (it'll eat right through the aluminum parts) etc.

I wen't and got some. Dismantled the muffler into pieces. Soaked every internal part liberally (including the aluminum baffle - it's a Puch). Let it set in the hot sun for about two hours. Sprayed it off with a garden hose. It stripped everything very satisfactorily down to metal. It was beauty! Aluminum looked just fine.

So why does this subject keep coming up. It's just too damn easy!

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

I'm surprised oven cleaner didn't corrode the aluminum. Most oven cleaners contain sodium hydroxide, which attacks aluminum.

Re: burning carbon out of a muffler

cool toe fur threadkiller /

i use lots and lots of gasoline and carb cleaner.

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