ITS Title Service?

Hey all.

Just bought my first 'ped a few days ago (a 78 Puch Sport MKII) from a guy on craigslist. However, he didn't have the title for it. I did get a bill-of-sale though and stumbled across this website ( that can apparently obtain me a title and register it for me?

Just wondering if anyone has used them because their website is a little vague and I'm having trouble finding out much about them.


Re: ITS Title Service?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot /

not familiar with this service, but if you can get a affidavit form at an office supply place and get the seller to sign it stating that he was the previous owner, with all the vehicle #'s ,etc. you should be able to take that and the bill of sale to the DMV ,fill out their forms, and get a title and plates. hopefully the seller will cooperate. it should probably be signed by him in front of a notary at a bank or something as well. a HUGE PAIN IN THE ASS. ..but then you should be good to go. BTW it cost me like $117.00 to get title and plates for mine. then its $38/yr to renew. fucking illinois.

Re: ITS Title Service?

Search, there was a thread about this with people's experience.

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