puch engine mod

i need some info for a couple of thing about puch engine, i have a 1 speed and 2 speed engine.

both of them have been took apart , to check for worn part

(i waz'nt the last owner)

-puch 1 speed have a bing 1/14/160 carb on it

-puch 2 speed have a bing 1/12/314 carb on it

what are the difference between those 2 carb?

and which one should i use on the 2 speed engine for a small increment of performance ?

i have a puch magnum x (motocross style) both engine can be fit in the engine mounting hole on the frame easily

Re: puch engine mod


Use the 1/14/160 for better performance. The bores on the 1/12/314 and 1/14/160 are 12mm and 14mm diameter, respectively. You can look into the input or output side and see the difference in inner diameters.

I have a 1/12/293 and 1/14/163 which came with 60 and 68 jets, respectively. The outer body is the same on both of these carbs.


Re: puch engine mod

InfectedBootSector /


If you are going to keep the motor stock, use the 2 speed with the 1/14/xxx carb, as it has the bigger bore. You may have to rejet it...

Make sure that if you use the 2 speed that you are sure that the chain will match up with the sproket on the motor. They can be crazy sometimes, especially if you have mag wheels.

If you are going to kit the motor, keep the single speed. The 2 speed has problem with slippage with kits.

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