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well i have more of a story, i work in a chainsaw/lawn mower shop. I was riding back to work from home and i get ran off the road by this hopped up big tire small penis truck. i get off, flip the bird, and progress on. the next day, the guy comes into my shop cause he wants his piece of crap chainsaw worked on.Now remember that i had my jacket and helmet on so he didn't know who i was. I talk him out of fixing it and get him to buy the biggest saw that we carry because he needs that extra power, the saw retails for 1500 bucks. He really only needed an entry level home use kind of saw that runs for about 200 bucks. Sometimes you have to use the stupidity of people against them.

Re: Most common insult

I'm always surprised by these threads. I've been on a moped quite a bit in the last few years (west michigan) and never been called anything. It's always friendly and curious responses/comments.

Anyone who lives in west michigan will relate to the idea that the most annoying thing about drivers here is that they tend to be TOO law abiding. People have a goddamn fit if you so much as coast through a shopping mall stop sign in the middle of a forty acre parking lot with no other vehicles in sight.

I was at one of those double stop lights that are commonly used to keep cars from idling on railway crossings.

I'm a moped, so I rode through the first red light (there wasn't even a crossroad. just railway). As I waited at the next light a car started honking behind me. When the light greened and we all set off, this polyester suited idiot in a little escort with his button lipped wife slowed next to me and started shouting about red lights.

That's just one example of many similar around here. I wish I understood that mentality a little better. It might not irritate me so much. It's like there's a 'hall monitor' tag common to the gene pool around these parts.

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