chinese piece of crap scooters

When my motron finally lost all compression. I was forced to buy this piece of shit scooter. It ran for 1003 miles, and out of mowhere it bogs out. I tried to fix it, but the company that made them went out of business within 2 years of operation. So I was forced agian to rebuild this v1. Now I have this crappy scooter, no way to fix it, and no one that wants it. Any Ideas?

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It bogs out?

Probably not getting the right amount of fuel possibly?

Try getting a new carbarator.

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throw it in a pond?

Honestly, who FORCED you to buy one?

Those things suck. im amazed you went 1000 miles on it. YOu should probably contact the company, thats probably a record or something.

HOnestly dont get involved with trying to get parts made of chinese unobtanium, just sell the thing and buy a moped.

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I know its not the carb. And yeah, back then I didnt think there was any way to fix my motron. I wasnt aware of moped army at that time. It was a waste of $900. I would contact the company that sold it. But the company that produced it went under. And yeah, no one wants to buy a scooter that doesnt run. It will start off a car battery with WOT. but all it does it sputter. And throwing it in a pond would be a waste of an investment when I can salvage parts off it. It has a hydraulic disc brake on the front that I'll gunna salvage and use on the maxi. No sense in wasting good parts.

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Your going use chinese scooter parts on a Maxi omg are you insane,I wouldnt trust anything from the chink piece of shit for as far as I could throw it.

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Mattman MopedHead /

why'd you buy a scooter?

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The disc brakeand caliper is a generic model for most chinese scooters, so i think it will be ok. If it could stop this 250 pound scooter. Than it sure as hell better stop this maxi.

Re: chinese piece of crap scooters

Edward Richardson /

If its a four stroke, you have to adjust the valves into spec. They use pretty standardized power plants among a great number of "brands". One of the scooter sites will have a guru that will get you going.

Re: chinese piece of crap scooters

ooogh, if i woke u in the mornng and found id typed an etnic slur id appologise.

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sorry for being an abrasive dick about you chinese scooter. I bought one too once, last year, thinking - hey how bad can they be? I guess we know eh? I just didnt even touch it, i put it on craigslist and sold it to a guy that was buying it for his daughter cause she thought it was pretty. It was a schwinn. I told him it was gonna bust all the time and never get her anywhere. He winked and said "perfect" as he prob preferred she not get hurt on it. The only way you could get hurt on this was if it fell on you.

Id enlist the help of someone one one of the scooter forums and see if you cant get it to run, then dont ride it just sell the damn thing. 900 bucks is alot to spend for hokey disc brakes.

RUn away, thats what i did.

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Man going from a motron to a POS scooter, such a downgrade. And all you probably needed was new rings.

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If you want to try and fix the piece of shit, your best resource for info is I got "shanghaied" into a chinese scooter, a few years ago, and that group helped me keep it running. Lots of good info. That's why I ride a Tomos now. The site is from the UK. Lots of "brit-speak".

Re: chinese piece of crap scooters

Go here :

BTW It's a machine - It can be fixed - 99.9% of all chinese scooter drivetrains are GY6 - They've been around for years - there's a fix it already been done - You just have to look for it - Kinda funny actually , you had the same situation with your moped (no place for info) Well , here's your source for info.

They're variated - disk brakes and 4-strokes - Go with it .

Re: chinese piece of crap scooters

I think it would be in all of our best interest to learn to fix these heaps, not for our own use but due to the fact that they are selling like no tomorrow, so in a year or 3 there will be many out there needing repair, they can be fixed and sold to finance real moped projects. Just a thought.

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thats what i thought till i tried working on one and it crumbled in my hands like something from raiders of the lost arc.

you got what you paid for

read the $999 scooter page, seriously if you got more than 400 miles out of it, you did better than most. Chinese bikes are for the most part unserviceable. If you can find parts, there just the same shit parts it came with in the first place.

Live and learn part it on ebay

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God they are really that bad?...I have been watching a "venice" by my House...are they horrible as well? looks like a Vino clone....rear suspension looks weak but...really? Awww

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Terrible scooters. If it bogs out make sure your airfilter is on correctly. If it is missing it wont work. Also the rubber diaphragm in the top of the carb can get dirty and stuck... I put 4000kms on one, but it was a terrible struggle.

Re: you got what you paid for

New Vespas aren't much better! the same parts issues face them as the junk o scoots. The price you would pay for one you could buy 2 or 3 Yamaha or Honda scooters.

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File a complaint against the company and manufacturer with the Federal Government...

Honestly people that's the only way that all this Chinese made crap is going to stop...

Re: you got what you paid for

OH dear.

Its not gonna stop.

They finance us at this point.

Better get used to it.

Start saving things made out of metal ( not lead )

Re: you got what you paid for

China , like every other country that is in manufacturing , will change thier product to meet the demand of the seller. Simple capatilism.

What people want and the demand for is cheap accessary laden shit that is all bling and super cheap.

This first wave of scooters is going to die a painful, pitiful death.

Eventually , if people in this country still demand little plastic scooters, the Chinese , like any other people, will produce quality goods if thats what the DEMAND is for. Right now , its not.

In regards to contacting the manufacturer, thats hopeless at this point. To make those scooters at such a price, the manufacturer has sublet out all thier parts and assemebly to 56 different places that have long since folded and recreated themselves as something else, and are making something else. Thats how they are able to make a 799 scooter. No quality control, everything subbed out, no accountability.

Sorry for the quick rant. I sometimes bristle when the subject of "Chinese Shit" comes up. I take offense and disagree with anyone that thinks that the Chinese or any other ethnic group is predisposed to making cheap/poor quality goods. They are not. They are building what consumers will pay for and if done right, they can ( and very likely will ) build quality stuff when there is a demand for it.

I remember when made in Japan meant crap, and now we look at camera bodies to make sure they are made there and sigh with relief when they are.

Also take a look at Korea in regards to the Hyundai - in the 80's a cheap , rip off of another car with not so great quality. I dont want one now, but don't be seduced by the notion that a country, a people , or a culture cannot produce quality goods.

But dont put one of those things in my yard. I owned one for 8 hours before someone took it away and that was enough.

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This paticular scooter was of extremely poor quality. Non of the plastic panels are impact resistant. In fact. I let it sit in the sun after getting it out of the crate, nd the panel around the headlamp cracked in 3 places. Its not worth my time or the effort to try and get it running.

Re: you got what you paid for

Try to craigslist it for like $100. You never know.

Re: you got what you paid for

Jerry Franek /

Andrew, you are right on.

Re: you got what you paid for

Yes, Andrew. you are correct. Quality Control is all in the specs. If people want cheap, thats what they're gonna build. If people want quality, the Chinese could build that too. Soo that said> If I ever see Phoenix Rising at a ride, EVER, I'm gonna FUCK YOU UP. NO, Seriously Man , IM GoNNA FUCK YOU UP.

Re: you got what you paid for

BryAn eurism /

what's it over?

Re: you got what you paid for

slurs and blurs. chinks and links

Re: you got what you paid for

There is no blur from me.

Re: you got what you paid for

Andrew is right about Q.C. on imported products. Americans want to buy the cheapest possible option, try it, and then upgrade from there.

A good look at this is the Stoke Monkey product from Clever Cycles in Portland - it's an electric assist motor kit for long-bicycles.


This is a top of the line electric bike product supported every step of the way from ordering to installation to usage. A full bicycle with the Xtracycle extension with the Stoke Monkey kit runs between two and three thousand dollars.

The motor is made in China, and was originally intended as a hub motor for electric bikes. Basically, the proprietor of Clever Cycles found a Chinese-made electric motor that would an aluminum bracket of his design, and contracted with another Chinese company for assembly. There is a story he wrote about going to China to visit the production site.

To get the product he wanted at the right price, the owner had to order motors from one company in China, pay to have them shipped to another company, and then train the second company to do quality control on the first company's products (ack! my head). The second company would grind off the spoke mounts, open up the motors to check the windings, and then send the QC'd products to Portland for assembly.

So, sorry for the long post, but I wanted to point out that it is possible to get high-quality products out of China. You just have to ask for them, and then you have to pay for them. Sucks, doesn't it?

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