Q50 slow off the line but OK after 15 MPH

Hi. Got a 1985 Yamaha QT50 that is slow off the line. From 0 to about 15 MPH. Then after 15 MPH it shows good power to about topping off around 27 MPH.

Question 1: What could be some reasons why it is slow off the line, but good after hitting about 15 MPH?

Question 2: Any simple things to make it actually do 30 MPH or more?

Question 3: The NGK BP4HS spark plug is impossible to find. Any recommendations on a more popular brand and model?

Question 4: Would a new ignition coil help?

Re: Q50 slow off the line but OK after 15 MPH

1) air leak, or no airbox

2) YT60 jug swap, but its not exactly simple

3) no, find that one and use it, scooter shops have them

4) no

5) check the repair and performance forums, all these topics have been covered to death

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