unexplained new power

been riding my 1980 tomos bullet around for about a month all my electical ignition components are brand new new piston super clean carb. i been complaining about power and what i need cause it already has a 22 tooth rear sprocket but i want a pipe any ways it usualy gets about 28 mphs but while i was riding today it surged on up out of no where with about 33 34 mph i dont know whats up i cant explain it but i like it

Re: unexplained new power

finally broke in the new piston?

Re: unexplained new power

Air leak?

Re: unexplained new power

yeah, sorry to bring out the beast like chris said, but nothing runs better and faster then your bike with the air leak right before it explodes.

Just test if for air leaks, maybe its not.

Re: unexplained new power

I had a similar experience, with regard to unexplained new powers. But instead of being moped related, I can just shoot fire out of my eyes at will.



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