Why doesn't honda/Yamaha

why don't the big bike boy's like Honda yamaha Suz. etc make a small bike like the use to. The Yamaha mini-Enduro the CT Hondas. The gas prices as they are would start a lot of people to buy.When I ride my Tomos Sprint I get a lot of thumbs up. waves etc.We need more choices on the small bike line...and new peds or nopeds to.

Re: Why doesn't honda/Yamaha

I talked to a Honda factory rep about this and he said that in order to be competative they would have to lower the price to the point that there was not enough profit in a sale to make it worthwhile to them.

I personally think that they are wrong. There are a ton of scooters out there but no Honda Cub type units.

Re: Why doesn't honda/Yamaha

Honda makes a LOT of small motor stuff overseas, in areas such as india japan and brazil. but here in the us, the variety seems to be limited

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