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Alexander Wilson /

Okay, So basically, I have a Honda sky 50 (SGX50) And I've removed all the restrictions... Except one, The CDI, Theres NO info on the CDI restriction apart from the fact that there IS one... Cant find any replacement ones, But I've been told I can retrofit one from another bike on as long as it has 4 wires too... Is this true?

If not, Anyone got any idea how CDI restrictions work?

Random but possibly useful info:

Bike is two stroke

Does 35 downhill, 32 on flat, And 30 uphill

CDI has a coil pack built in and is made by Ducati

Will add more as I think of it

Re: CDI help

Alexander Wilson /


I cant find ANY info on the internet at all, And I'm trying to get in touch with Honda UK

Re: CDI help

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

the restrictor could either be in the cdi coil or in the box. try replacing hthe box first.

Re: CDI help

Alexander Wilson /

Theres a problem there, Nowhere SELLS one, Not even an original one...

Otherwise I'd have baught a race cdi a while back =/

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