Two Stroke Extravaganza

I received an invite from Two Strokers...They are having their 11th Annual Two Stroke Extravaganza in Van Nuys August 24th.

A celebration of all things two stroke...they would love to have a bunch of peds turn up...

6335 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91406

If you need more info you can call Farel, 714-757-9096.

Re: Two Stroke Extravaganza

Some nice pics from the 2007 event

Re: Two Stroke Extravaganza

Chris Hernanadez /

I was there last year, there were some really nice bikes.

Re: Two Stroke Extravaganza

If you can have an extravaganza, what happens when you only have exactly the right amount of vaganzas? Or not enough vaganzas?

In that note, what is a vaganza?


Re: Two Stroke Extravaganza

The Peugot Vaganza was manufactured from 1962-67 and was limited to only 6,825 units over those 5 years. It was exported and sold only in Peru. Only 4 are currently known to still exist - Three are owned by Jay Leno, since he simply had to have one in each color (Red, Blue, and Orange).

The final was owned by Jesse James, who promptly Monster-Garaged it into a rolling neuclear missle silo. It was quickly seized by the US Department of Defense, who wrecked it while test driving. Apparantly, there was quite a bit of front wheel shake and the guy who was supposed to design a fork dampner got in a tiff with James and walked off. Jay Leno bought the twisted remains and had them chrome plated.

Yea, I made that up... but I had fun doing it!

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