Batavus doubling production.

Ben Van Zoest /

I read in the Dutch newspaper business section that Batavus is adding another E-ped production line due to high demand.

Nationally first quarter sales of all plug-in E-peds was 30,000 units.

They want bigger slice of the trendy new battery powered moped phenomenum.

Meanwhile the Chinese are dumping the in China unwanted illegal stinky 2 strokes baby scoots on us. I noticed 3 local second/third tear auto repair shop sell them.

1970's revisited?

Re: Batavus doubling production.

Lol, yeah lets see tomos triple production and drop rates to beat china brand scoots,

And maybe a new company emerge with a sweet line of tt's and step thru and maybe something we've even never seen yet. Or at least not a lot.

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