Crazy Dream

Last night I dreamt that I broke my cell phone and I went to AT&T to get a replacement, they were like "oh that model's been discontinued... We'll upgrade you to the new model for free."

And then the new model was a six inch tall Iron Man. Anyway, he worked all right as a phone, and he would also fly around me and give me advice. Later in my dream he helped me figure out my new 2-speed NOI engine; he explained that it wasn't automatic, it's voice activated, and you have to make the _vroom vroom_ sounds so the engine knows when to shift, kinda like in the book "The Mouse and the Motorcycle"

I haven't eaten anything in days and I think I'm losing it as a result.

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Re: Crazy Dream

sound more like a good trip

Re: Crazy Dream

theres no way you could go a few days without eating and then get high though. Youd start eating yourself

Re: Crazy Dream

Nice........ I had a sexy blonde teacher read me that book about the motorcylce mouse. I still think about it at at times, and his ping pong ball half helmet. I think about her alot as well!

Maybe you seen it, but here's a dream I worte down recently....

"Lets go there":

It is so fun to put your cursor on those blue words above, and click them to make them purple. ~But being where the click takes you is even funner.


Re: Crazy Dream

I have to disagree... I been so hi (SO F'n HIGH!!) while not eating for days.... but it's unhealthy even if the plants that talk start making sense.

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