Attn Latebirds or someone in SoCal

Tom Rainwater /

I'm looking for one of the latebirds or someone living near Topanga CA to help me out. I'll pay you for you time to switch out a Dellorto Carb and Manifold with a Bing 15 and its manifold on a ped located in Topanga CA.

Owner is a musician but can't tune a moped. The Dellortor 21 is just too much performance carb and so I think he may accpet me switching with a Bing.

I'm sure he could do it but the throttle cable is where I think he will loose it.

So do I get a taker, after you put it on take a ride to make sure it works for him. The bike ran good here but he will not adjust carb for there so i think one jet is better than three for him. Its connected to a 80cc metra. Thing should haul ass, you might be able to buy from him.

Just email me and we will go from there.

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