BBQ fix it Somerville

I'm hosting a fix-it at my place on Sunday (tomorrow) that will be followed (interupted by) a BBQ. Starts at 11am.

I have the standard tools but bring ones you think you might need since I mostly have woodworking tools.

My address is

58 Garrison Ave.

Somerville, MA 02144

I'll have some burgers and dogs but you can bring anything you want.

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Re: BBQ fix it Somerville


Re: BBQ fix it Somerville

B r e n d a n C a m p b e l l /

dammit...will be picking up a magnum xk and hitting the beach tomorrow. i live in davis and am in need of the smarts of a group of people. i finally got my project maxi running, but it is way too bogged down. i think it is running too rich, but haven't had too much time to work at it.

i should be riding the magnum on the wednesday ride this week. unless i get my blue maxi going. i think that it is going to be time to sell off something from my stable to make space for the magnum. it might be the 1.5 hp newport...although i love how classy looking it is.

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im, down. ill bring somthing, after i figure out gas.

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Sullivan & Sullivan,llp /

shit,I just signed up for a double shift

Re: BBQ fix it Somerville

I got some cool food and watermelon!

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sounds like fun ... maybe i'll swing by

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you better! lol

I got some awesome garlic & herb .... and some spicy hot chicken sausages from Whole Foods!

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Oh and I'm gonna Pick up some potato salad and cole slaw in the morning!

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Phil -

Awesome. Finally a fix it I can make it to. Oh...and Dan's coming...remember, my bro who lived with Jamie?

Yeah. He's got a minty-mint Magnum that needs some exhaust work. We need to pull a stud that I SNAPPED (yeah, fuck...) and I need to address a brake issue in the Moby if it starts for me.

We'll be there 11 for sure.


I'm stuck dammit!!!

Get a load of this shit right now I'm sitting out side my apartment with my key stuck in the door no way to open the other lock. I would have been at the BBQ if I just didn't turn around because I think I'm grinding a bearing. I was just past central sq. When pop and stall I just had to put new rings in. Jay I think can agree this sucks.

Ps I like my I-touch

Re: I'm stuck dammit!!!


i'm missing some ratchets and a 12mm wrench

can you check to see if they are mixed in with your tools


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