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No NO NO , LawnBoy 2 strokes are awsome and beefy, with a few mods , it will fit a Moby . AND it doesn't look all Stupid . Gosh , hang loose while I try to find my pics .The weathered alloy fins even look like a typical moby. Its a long stroke torquey engine 124cc at 6hp . I had to machine a steel flywheel and sorts to make a pitbike ignition work (haven't figured out power for lights yet - but I will), by shaving the extra tabs etc off the case and welding a few in the right place , you can fit it in the same position - You'd only notice that there isn't a carb where a moby usually has one because it's in the rear now and the pipe comes off the side discreetly and bends below (no expansion - stock moby muffler) Not a speed demon by any means but can easily cruise all day at 45+ and go straight up a hill at part throttle with power to accelerate on cue . BTW funny you mention a shooting - I just shot some loser and his dog (felt bad about the dog but oh well) in my garage - well place .22 short in the left leg and stories of bleeding to death scares the hell out of them . Yes he did have a big ass Buck Knife - Fucker bled all over my welder and bandsaw - I made him wipe it up and I allowed him to duct tape his leg and keep his drugs , made about $62 and change plus I think I'll sell his drivers license's which is probably no good anyway .

No kidding , we'll see what happens next , Why in my freaking neighborhood lately just makes me pissed . But Lawnboys , send them my way . 2-Stroke models without the self-propelled takeoff. Check one out and wonder if it can be done ............ hmm Pull the big round muffler off ,pull the weird carb off ,pull the flywheel off and look at it ...........

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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