I just bought a garelli

I just bought a garelli v.i.p. 2 speed. super nice no problems climbing small hills. the only thing is when you braek it has the engine kill cables so if you brake it dies. anyone have a remedy for that?

Re: I just bought a garelli

GREAT bike. You have to be more specific about your problem tho...

Change the oil in the tranny and put in mobile one sythethic. Yeah. I know its 7 dollars a quart. Thank god you dont have a mercedes.

Maybe it will stop you clutch from going all garelli apeshit.

Re: I just bought a garelli

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Re: I just bought a garelli

it's a badass ped. thanks.

but, yeah the brakes have an additional cable with has electrical contact points on them. it'll idle but i have to use the front brake and the decompression lever at the same time to stop and keep it idling.

Re: I just bought a garelli

check the ground on your tail light. on my supersport the ground comes loose all the time and as soon as i hit the brakes, it dies. also, check your bulbs and everything while you're at it. the garellis dont have a lot of electrical ghosts, but there are a few.

Re: I just bought a garelli

Well I installed the new cev 6v brake light all is good.

but now the grommett holding the rear brake cable cracked...damn it i need to buy a new one. also I'm planning on getting a new fuel petcock...anyone have any ideas where from?

Re: I just bought a garelli

Do these have I decomp lever? My Garelli "decomp" lever actually engaged the clutch so you could start it. When that lame rubber clutch went bad I had the same problem as you ,but mine wasn't a two speed.

If it is the same set up, I don't think pulling it while riding will really slow you down a whole lot and what friction you ARE applying to it it REALLY doesn't need, it was the week link on the bike.

This has gotten too long and I don't even know if the two speeds work (don't work) in the same way.

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