Suzuki Fa 50 idle problem

Interesting story here, i have a 1984 suzuki fa50. It sat for like 5 or so years and i figured i would try and fix it up when i got it running it would do about 31 miles per hour but wouldnt idle, now it does about 20 miles an hour.(Still wont idle) I have no clue what happened. Heres a list of things i have tried to make it idle/go fast again.

1. Cleaned carbon out of my exhaust which all i have is a pipe, no muffler

2.Put in a new spark plug

3.cleaned my carbs messed and with idle screws

4.put new foam in air filter

5.cleaned gunk out of fuel tank

6.cleaned my fuel valve shutoff thing

If you have any ideas to help me i would very much appreciate it.

Thanks; Aaron

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