Handlebar Sizing

Mike I.R.E. wasn't lying when he said cafe bars hurt wrists (I sat on his magnum for like a couple minutes and it sucked) so I have been recently deterred from buying them. I was doing some web searchin' and found some cheap bars but I'm confused by the sizing options.


do I want: Mini, Cr Low, Kx, or Rm?

To all you people that still have cafe bars, I consider them the high heels of mopeds. They look sexy, but (according to those who use em) hurt like a bitch.

...who am I kidding, I.R.E. has high heel parties all the time.

Re: Handlebar Sizing

don't get any motorcycle cafe bars that have any drop to them. the flat ones 1977 or treats sell are ok.


Handlebar Sizing

any bars that are 7/8 should work. Most dirt bike bars are 7/8.

Re: Handlebar Sizing

My $0.02 and sometimes $5.00 source for such handle bars are bike shops . I usually buy , yes make sure they are 7/8 center Mt Bike takeoffs - usually alloy . The highend Mt Bikers usually swap the bars at the shop on the spot in my area . Apparently most Mt bikers want a fairley straight bar without any wrist angle bend , which suits my needs just fine . I like the bend in most Trek Mt Bikes the rise and wrist angle is a natural position for me and most are narrow width .The shops usually have a basket full of brand new alloy medium rise 2-3.5 bars . Lighter etc and I can usually go to the showroom and sit on a bike with those exact bars to try out

Re: Handlebar Sizing

okay, well, it appears that none of you guys understand the sizing situation on this website--just like me. So, I'm gonna go ahead and just not use it. I understand the 7/8th's thing, just not the "Mini, Cr Low, Kx, or Rm"

Thanks for that info, ken, I'm going to hit up my local bike shop. My only reservation is that on some of these motorcycle sites and other places, they advertise their bars as "NOT BICYCLE BARS" and claim that they are way stronger. Am I taking some sort of safety risk by using bike bars?

Am I being stupid to be concerned about handlebars when I'm planning on going 55+ on old, little shocks, on a bike with a shaky frame, thin wheels, and bad brakes?

Re: Handlebar Sizing

Noooo Noooo Noooo forget all those safety concerns and just use a stick or something . Just kidding. But if I can bend um over my knee I wouldnt use em or try standing on them and if they bend then hand em back to the sales clerk and tell him that they dont look strong enough. Now thats what Id do.

Re: Handlebar Sizing

The style of handlebars are completely up to you. Since you seem to like the low profile of Clubman (cafe racer) bars but don't like the comfort, Maybe a lowrising Motocross bar would be good for you. Another option too would be to get some dragbars with angle bends. I had some on my Sportster and the were real comfortable (this style can be found in 7/8"), also with these, if you want, you can change the angle by turning them up or down. I turned mine down a bit on the Spoty and it totally changed the way the bike handled and took turns. If I were putting bars on a ped, I'd personally go with a set of 16" apehangers. They're not to tall but they still look cool.

Re: Handlebar Sizing

Ben Van Zoest /

I am w/ U for around town the higher the bars the better. I would love to have the 45cm high handle.

I keep track of the dutch puch guys 7 day 100 mile a day ride attempt to Monaco see: "op de Puch naar Monaco" w/o exception they use highrise bars.

I think high or low they have their place, these low-low bars teamed with a shortly lay-on-it surfboard give a faster ride.

Re: Handlebar Sizing

i have some mx bars if you want them like these shipped. they are black and 7/8ths. can get measurements later.

Re: Handlebar Sizing

sweep: 9 deg

clamp dia.: 22.2mm

weight: 700g

rise: 3.0"

color: black

width: 27.5"

I put one of these on my 103, not too low, not too high. Designed for Downhill bicycles. Heat treated 4130 cromo.

Re: Handlebar Sizing

Jake Shaughnessy /

cr, kx, and rm are all diff dirt bikes. CR is honda, KX is kawasaki, and RM is suzuki. Im pretty shure theres no diff in the width on them but i think theres diff rise in them. any of them should work

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