garelli tomos wheel question

im wondering if tomos wheels will fit on a garelli ssxl?!

please advise

Re: garelli tomos wheel question

i want to know too

Re: garelli tomos wheel question

yes, anything will fit if you want it to bad enough.

Re: garelli tomos wheel question

never really got an answer for this.

its still something i want to do, as i wait for my bike to come together piece by piece.

anyways i mocked it up since i have everything laying around-

so here are my concerns.

right i only have a tomos axel- and its nowhere as long as it needs to be. would a garelli axel work? i dont have one.. maybe you guys could provide??

second concern- if the rear sprocket will line up with the front sprocket?!

and lastly gearing- but i think i already have that squared away.

please advise!

Re: garelli tomos wheel question


Re: garelli tomos wheel question

Timmy Southpark /

I was able to apdat a tomos wheel to a garelli, but its been awhile so i cant remember excatly what i had to do. I might of changed the axles. But to be correct, yes it is possible.

I have my old spoked garelli wheels, atleast its what i believe to be my old garelli wheel. I'll gut the complete axle hard wear (bearings and all) and maill it to you if you want. I'll even clean them up with the sandblaster/ wire wheel at work. Email me if you want.

Oh one last thing, i used older style (unsealed/ silverbullet era) wheels on my garelli. Like old tomos 5-stars. Newer wheels are gonna be harder to do for several reason, one being the hub.

Re: garelli tomos wheel question

email sent!

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