spark plug life

just wondering how long your guys' spark plugs last. either how many miles or month/years.

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Zachary Evans, Destroyer of Worlds /

Sparkplugs can be good for up to 50,000miles, but they get dirty.

I've had bikes that I never remembered to take out the 30 year old stock one, that ran just fine, and bikes that I could foul a plug a day.

With a wire brush and some carb/brake cleaner, you can clean them up if they stop working. At work we have a little air tool that sand blasts them.

I guess the real question is: How often should I change my spark plug?

To which the real answer is: Whenever it's not working, then clean it and save it for the next time it fouls.

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Well Then, I have a box of 10 NGK plugs to play with!!! LOL!!! Seriously though, It depends on the bike, carb settings, etc., etc. The only way to know it to run the bike till ya can't any longer and then the fun starts all over again! or something like that. I've seen 2 stroke engines that wear out before the spark plug does LOL!!! so either I did something wrong or they make better standard spark plugs than they do engines. Hard to say for sure though. Just keep the fuel at the right ratio and make sure the air filter is clean all the time (if some of the fuel and oil mix gets on the air filter you can have serious fouling of the spark plug because the gasoline evaporates and leaves thick oil in the air filter and that can adversely affect the flow of air through the air filter).

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I usually replace the plug a few times while tuning, or just when I feel one is dirty. I have only fouled one plug in the 4 years I've been riding on different mopeds. I really don't know what this plug fouling buisness is all about. Dial in your setup and your plug will last as long as the bike does.

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I can get 2-3+ years out of one. I'm sure they would go much longer but as cheap as they are I try to replace them on a regular basis, and ALWAYS keep a spare somewhere on the moped.

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Had same plug in my Hobbit since I got it in '98...starts first time every time. Totally stock bike. Hits 30-32 on flats. Had a Moby back in the day that I put over 6k on in 2 seasons never touched plug, stock fuel oil mix. Never an issue.

Re: spark plug life

I am currently working on two puchs right now.Both of them have not been started in 20 years.Both are currently running again on the plugs they left the showroom floors with.This is why I love champion plugs and puchs.

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Puchs love Champions!

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