Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

I've been thinking about this on and off and I have a few questions about this situation.

I'm moving from a small Wisconsin town to a major suburb in the Chicago Land area (Arlington Heights for thoes who know the area well).

Now, put this in your heads, I'm moving from a town, where everyone knows who I am and knows I ride a moped, (some of them make references to the Gremlins movies because it says "Gizmo" in HUGE WHITE LETTERS). This town is very small, none of the streets have painted lines, no street lights, and not one stop light in the entire town.

I'm going from Pleasentville to to hell

If you know Chicago, then you know where Arlington Heights/Schaumburg/Palatine/Mount Prospect. and you know this area is loaded with rich, punk ass yuppie scum, who drive hummers, and other gas hogging machines, and here I come with my 49cc moped, buzzing along, leaving a big blue cloud behind me as I go.

What I'm asking, is there any way to ride this thing in these areas and not feel like it's a suicide ride? Do I just hop on it, and take off down the roads, and let the people just go around me? Or do I try and avoid the main roads, and slip though sub-devisions and side roads? What ones there are few and far between.

The roads I'm talking about, are roads like Golf Road, Algonquin, Northwest Highway, Euclid Ave, Higgins Road.

Roads like Golf for example, are 40Mph Four Lane roads with a large divide in the center, usually used as a turning lane, or a break-down lane. The posted speed limit is 40Mph, but I've seen people push 55. Both right most lanes in both directions have large curbs, that span the distance of the road, so I can't very well ride an inch of the curb so people can get around me.

What am I supposed to do? Ride on the sidewalk and hope I don't get caught?

I have no clue how to ride it in a city, and I don't want to give up my moped because I can't use it.

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

I live in Niles and its about 20 mins away from arlington heights. Stay in the middle of ur lane and You will be fine. The People around here might ride your ass a little bit around 5 to 10 seconds but they will quickly go around you as soon as they have the first opportunity. They might also beep from time to time but just give them a nice friendly 1 finger salute and you should be ok. If you ever want to go riding some time let me know.

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

I hate people that talk about places they think they know. Arligton heights yuppie is pretty funny. That whole area is nothing but old homes from the 50's and town houses and malls, strip malls as far as the eye can see. No mansions, no golf courses hell the highway goes straight through it.

If you can't cruise at 45mph i wouldn't bother. You can get pulled over for obstructing traffic. All the roads are 40-45 mph there and pretty much major roads with ass loads of traffic. Hey at least you will be close to mitsuwa and get your fix of japanese drinks and food.

Also a general idea in the burbs is 10mph over the posted limit is ok, so if the limit is 40 every one will be going 50, 45 they'll be going 55.

Have fun in your supposed yuppievill....... Guess its yuppie if your coming from booofooo Wisconsin. CHEESE HEAD

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

I've been to Niles before. I've been looking at maps and stuff over and over again, nothing looks easy down there. I was figuring I could just do that. If they want around me, they can anytime they want, there is a left lane.

Another thing I'm curious about. I just insured it last week because of Illinois' lame ass laws, but I'm still waiting on my title and plates, however, I carry around a bunch of paper work prooving I have everything applied for. I don't expect to see my title until late next month, and my plates in September.

The papers I carry are; A copy of my Bill Of Sale, a copy of my MV1 Title and Plate form which shows the bikes vin, a copy of some kind of weird form I had to have a local law officer fill out, stating that it is a real moped, not a chinese stand up death scooter.

Here I can still ride it around with out much headache, will I still be able to ride it in Illinois as long as I show all this paper and an insurance card?

And sure, if you wanna ride, drop me a line. email or instant message. I'll be living right at Golf and Meier. I complete my move next week

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

You have to register the moped and get yourself a genuine license plate so the cops can give you a genuine ticket. the State of Illinois doesn't care if you have a moped or 'Chinese stand up death scooter', they just want their $$$$$.

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Ye GODS I would love to live in the same town as Mitsuwa, that place is awesome!

Riley, get a good helmet and a big freaking lock. Riding might be a bit intense at first but you will get used to it. Another trick is to stay off of big main roads, find alternate routes. I found about 3-4 different ways to drive back and forth to work by riding my moped.

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

The cops in the burbs are assholes.

If you're not riding with a plate you'll get a ticket, if you have a burnt out back light, ticket.

Don't signal to turn (hand or light)


But they don't know shit about kits pipes and carbs, so you can kit and rig your ped to do upwards of 50 and they won't know the difference.

50ccs stock is enough info.

Welcome to the land of the corrupt pig,

Good hotdogs, and hella good music.

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I live in prospect heights these days and i ride my ped around all the time...people love it. They think it's the funniest and coolest thing theyve seen. Theres also alot of scooters in the area so the drivers are used to it.

dont come down so hard on arlington go into the city you'll see more fucking yuppies per sq. mile than you will anywhere else. Enjoy the property taxes though...fucking high as hell.

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

the BEST hotdogs

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

On another note,

I'd be down to cruise out there for a ride later next month.

When I get the ciao runnin, I may take a shot at riding it downtown and back, taking 62 most of the way, because ill be able to top out at 50 or so when she's complete.

Maybe more.

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

Yeah. I have a good helmet. A friend of mine who is a hard core motorcyclist gave it to me. It's cost him like 400 bucks. I forgot the brand name at the moment, but it's really really nice.

And my chain and lock is one hell of a monster. The chain is the kind they use on semi-truck traliers to chain the tailer to the truck incase of some kind of failure, and my lock is the kind they use to lock up gates and shit, you have to have one hell of a bolt cutter to even THINK about MAYBE denting it, a little.

Re: Moped Riding in Chicago land suburbs?

I live in Schaumburg

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