Moped wheels interchangeable?

Does anyone know if moped wheels are pretty standard?

Ive got a 78 city bike and would like to get some mag rims in place of my spoked ones in the future- to try to modernize it a bit. will i have issues with getting the drum brakes or sprocket to fit?


Re: Moped wheels interchangeable?

i don't think they are, but there seems to be some cross over between bikes. i am looking for pretty rims for my general 5. if anyone knows what will work for me, speak up.

Re: Moped wheels interchangeable?

i think spokes are cooler - but that's obviously oppinion...

when i got my malaguti, i put a mocked up a tomos rear on it, and realized there are several things to look for when searching for a compatible wheel...

moped wheels generally fit either a 16" or 17" tire, as far as i know; malaguti and tomos are 16", for instance. just look at your tire and look for a wheel with the same size tires.

the vast majority of mopeds have drum brakes on the front and back hub, and because the pads/hub can't turn with the hub, they have to connect to a "tooth" or platform (or whatever you want to call it) on one side of the axle or forks. make sure whatever hub you get can connect to that "tooth..." although i don't see why you couldn't flip a RS toothed wheel over to make it a LS connecting hub wheel...

axle spacing could also be an issue, but every wheel i've messed with has the same standard - rear wheels with eachother, and front wheels with eachother.

the only thing that makes it difficult is the chain line - you might need to space the new wheel on your axle differently, or add spacers/washers to the bolts holding on your sprocket.

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