NH riders?

I know there's some out there... I've seen you bastards but i've been in my car... I guess theres a buch of old peds up here.. i wanna ride wit cu!

Re: NH riders?

im pretty close to nh right on the line

Re: NH riders?

haha oh yeah you are...

any word on the "week end ride" do ya know?

Re: NH riders?

dont know aint nobody said nuttin

Re: NH riders?

man were here in portsmouth. we ride pretty regularly. shitty weather lately though... come down

Re: NH riders?

thats quite the treck for me too.. but yeah just drop me aline when you have rides, i'll try to make em' if the bat stays running.

Re: NH riders?

that was a long drive last night for ya

Re: NH riders?

As soon as steves calls me back about parts for my jawa, which, I'm not holding my breath, I'll be riding around the lakes region.

or when I can weld the little switch on my Moby that switches between pedal power and moped power, so that it doesnt keep slipping as soon as I get it running.

Then, I will be up for a long ride, hopefully to the seacoast/boston.

I don't know yet, and I'm going to see what I can get for triple A coverage. if they'll come and cart my ass home.

or I'll just phone a friend...

Anyone want to do a fix it session in Central New Hampshire?

Let me know. I've got a good spot.

Or I guess anywhere in new hampshire, I just strap my ped to my bike rack and Away we go!

Re: NH riders?

bring your moby pulley down with ya and il weld it up

Re: NH riders?

Its funny to see your name with that little squiggle in front of it, makes you look official or something.


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