where is it legal to ride

Hi all. I got stopped last nite from a cop that told me i could'nt ride on the highway.Iwas'nt on a freeway.. he said i was to slow for traffic. but all the back country roads are 55mph so what the fuck.. i live in wisconsin any one know the laws???

Re: where is it legal to ride

u can ride on the highway but the law does state u can't go 15mph ot something like that under the speed limit.

but since ur a motorized bike u should be able to unless its also illigal to ride bicycles on those roads.

get a kit, I can get on the freeway in short spurts at WOT with a super tuned kit and hit 65mph its not the safest but u won't be holding up traffic.

Re: where is it legal to ride

check the WI dmv web site

in MN it is illegal to ride on hiways and mopeds/scooters are not supposed to go faster than 30 mph. so i tend to stay off rodes that go faster than 45 or are marked with a highway number.

if you have to go that route, you might want a motorcycle.

Re: where is it legal to ride

I think youre ok on country highways. Bikes can ride near the shoulder, so mopeds should be good. Check at DOT website for rule book, they have an email, and actually try to respond fairly quickly, I would say drive as far near the right that you can though so you dont build up a pile of cagers behind you.

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