Riding Goggles

I wear an open face helmet when I ride. I am looking to find some goggles that will fit over my glasses. Does anyone have any experience with a good pair of goggles that they would recommend I check out? Thanks.

Re: Riding Goggles

you know those boxy old man sunglasses you can get at thriftshops,rite-aid, and dollar stores? those work extreamly well and schwin sells the old like wwi pilot goggles if your looking for those

Re: Riding Goggles

My little brother just bought a pair of goggles from the army surplus store. Hilarious, durable, and work great.

Re: Riding Goggles

I have the T2's, I don't wear glasses anymore, but these goggles are pretty comfortable and can be worn over glasses, but expensive.

The Airfoil's look good to and they are much cheaper and offer UV and Impact protection!

British classics:


Re: Riding Goggles

dunhill anyone?

actually i usually ride wearing beer goggles.

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riding with a full face helps alot. but scott make some MX goggles that are OTG (over the glasses). also check out oaklye e frames

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