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I'm thinking of moving out to San Francisco from the college town I've lived in for years. It's really easy to store and work on a couple bikes in a cheap house with lots of space but what kind of options are there in San Francisco? What if I have some tiny apartment above the first floor? Where do you keep your bikes? Where do you work on your bikes? is it goodbye peds or are there some options even when you don't know anyone?

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there are cheap houses in sf?

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no groms no blasters /

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To be realistic about it, yes, San Francisco housing is tough.

Apartment rentals are expensive and you will be very lucky to get one with a garage. You might be better off trying to share a place with another mopeder.

Parking at night can be a problem, but a moped is rather easy to manouver. There is usually some kind of a walkway or alley that will let you get it off the street. But you still have to lock it up. San Francisco seems to suffer just a few less stolen peds than Richmond, VA.

The cops just caught a gut who was thought to be responsible for a bunch of stolen peds. Maybe it will be safer now.

You need to hook up with the Creatures. One of them might know of a room to rent.

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its not impossible to find apts that have some little back patio or side passage you can hide your bike away in (for sure locked up, as the fox suggests), especially if you know in advance to look out for it. the huge apt-block neighborhoods like the tenderloin can be a little tougher for that, but elsewhere isnt too bad.

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yeah u can get grage space too but it take a long while of looking, i have garage spot a block from my house but its only for parking no working on bikes.

most garages for working on bike we get kicked out of.

u can find places as ben said that have small areas for working on/storing bikes, but yeah say goodbye to the space and freedom of a suburb garage.

I lock my bikes on the street often, they are usually fine depending on the hood ur in. they suffer the random busted plug from a crack head but its not bad. but i also pawn them off on my friends with space and garages, if ur serious into peds u need to find a place to work on ur peds and store them, this is VERY difficult to find.

ur best bet is to look for a place that will have space for a ped off the street some in a hood that's not gonna care or have it be stolen likely.

u could move out to sunset district if u want a definite space fro a ped but its always cold and foggy out there, and takes a long time to get into the city but ur close to the beach.

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I am in Tenderloin, in a large studio on 3rd floor (w/ elevator).

I have two bikes in my dining room.

So far, that's building manager does not complain.

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Thanks guys, I have enough friends who want to move there with me that we might try to find a larger space to split the rent enough ways.... which might be able to afford moped room.

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I got a sweet studio in the richmond, right by the beach.

Decent size with private entrance and bath. shared garage space, I put two bikes in, never tested the water with more.

I'm moving to the mission on aug 18th.

It's like $700 a month, I might be able to pull some strings for MA.

anyone interested?


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