"Oh no, its the cops!"

So I know this is gonna pale in comparison to motorbrokane's story of his cop encounter, but I gotta throw this out there for the cop's shear lack of information on what is and is not a moped.

So hanging out with some friends tonight, we smoked a bowl and played a game of Scrabble. It was incredible, I won by playing EX and XI simultaneously on a triple word score. Anyhow, afterwards I got outside and felt a craving for Burger King, which happened to be right across the street. I had already unlocked my moped, but I walked over to get some grub. I get in there and theres a sign on the counter that says "CASH ONLY!" Knowing I didn't have any I said to the woman "it'll show what kind of person I am if I go to an ATM right now just to fulfill my BK craving."

So I went outside, thought to myself that a moped ride would be nice, and set off. Immediately I thought about how I was not only riding dirty by being a little stoned, but also that my taillight had been out for a while and I hadn't bothered to fix it yet. I decided to make the trip quick so I didn't see any trouble. At the first corner I saw three cops pulled over searching a man's car and realized they were out tonight! Anyways, I continued on and got to the main fast stretch of the trip and opened up a little bit. I kinda slalomed some manhole covers and turned right to get to the ATM. I pulled up onto the curb and immediately heard the blipblip and got off my bike. So of course I told him that I knew it was out and it had just happened and he went on trying to make me feel stupid by expressing how many people say that, which presumably is everyone. After that he asks me a couple questions, and for my drivers license and walks to the luggage box of his motorcycle. He comes back with a little pamphlet that I knew would have various rules and statutes about mopeds, but something caught my eye first. On the cover I noticed a picture that looked like a foot-pushed scooter with an engine on the back, and a seat on a tall post. The guy started reading the description about what it was, and that was totally what the pamphlet was for, but he thought mine fell under that category! So I tried to stop him by saying, "wait, I think these are for scooters like this" and indicated to the cover picture. He told me he was sure this fell into that category. He even looked under what these rules did not cover, and read "step through scooters" and he said, "no this isn't one you step-through, theres all that stuff there" indicating to the engine, and the area above the engine. This is all on my newly kitted Maxi of course, so that's exactly what it meant. Oh yea, on those lines he did ask how many cc's and I said 50, because of course they won't get down there and measure. Well, after going through the pamphlet and telling me he could...but he wouldn't....give me a ticket for over 300 dollars worth. Gave me a quick lecture about getting a helmet and sent me on my way.

I was definitely relieved!

Anyways, I got the cash, went to Burger King, and feasted as I finished watching the Top Gear episode I started last night.

I'm having too much contact with law enforcement. This must change!

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

fix your taillamp!

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

That was a $300 lightbulb........

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

Cleats Onionpockets /

Top gear! Woot!

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

You could always put this in your bag (or wallet) and keep it with you too, to educate the police.

MS 168.011 Subd. 27.

Motorized bicycle. "Motorized bicycle" means a bicycle that is propelled by an

electric or a liquid fuel motor of a piston displacement capacity of 50 cubic centimeters or less,

and a maximum of two brake horsepower, which is capable of a maximum speed of not more

than 30 miles per hour on a flat surface with not more than one percent grade in any direction

when the motor is engaged. "Motorized bicycle" includes an electric-assisted bicycle as defined

in section 169.01, subdivision 4b.

Or, if you're getting harassed during business hours, have them call me. I work at the state for the DMV, and I get calls from Law Enf all the time when they have people at the side of the road and need info. I'd be glad to help out. Just tell them to call Nick at the DVS Public Info Center.

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

well, in actuality, i think what he thought my moped was made the situation better.

in any case, no ticket :-)

and i forgot to mention, he looked at my taillight and noticed my specs sticker on there and said "Hey that's cool...i need one of those!" i told him to get a swooping eagle or something, haha.

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

thats what the picture was of

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

im glad i ahvnt gotten stopped yet. i am only 15 so im pretty much riding dirty all teh time lol. and with my bent back wheel 35 seems kinda scary and suspicious if a cop sees the entire bike shaking furiously. gotta love old skool maxi's tho. peace

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

Did you get two citations?

One for the tail light and one for the helmet?

Anything else?

Get the taillight fixed and inspected and show up in court with the signed off inspection and your new helmet and I bet the judge will lower the fine substantially.

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

no actually, no tickets/citations at all!

the cop hassled me a little bit, but in the end he let me off with a warning and the pamphlet. i've gotta get it scanned in, or find the PDF on the minnesota police site so you can see what he thought my moped was.

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

- Summerai - First Ben /

hey no ticket this time. Congrats!

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

yeah when was the last time you didn't get a ticket

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

wait wait wait wait....

did he just say

'I work at the state for the DMV, '

speculaters, for the love of god and all that is holy, recruit this man NOW- by force if necessary!

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

"propelled by an electric or a liquid fuel motor of a piston displacement capacity of 50 cubic centimeters or less, "

thats a shame, my electric motor has a piston displacement of 52cc's


Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

It pays to know your two letter words!

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

Well, don't take this the wrong way, but you would probably get pulled over less often if you wouldn't drive drunk / stoned. Obviously that's not why you got pulled over this time, but in the past it's happened.

Drunk driving is evil. Kitted peds are not. I guess it all averages out in the end.

I too, have a burnt out light though. Anybody know the right bulb to use?


Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

Driving stoned and driving drunk are totally different, dood

Re: "Oh no, its the cops!"

scott, you don't know me, you don't know what i eat for breakfast.

i was in no way off my ass stoned, and mike is right, it's not like driving drunk. thanks scott.

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