Moped Army Patch

I want one... I have been full circle in peds in the last four years and belive I deserve on finally. You can find me at or somewhere in Milwaukee, WI

Re: Moped Army Patch

have you met the cranks?

and are you related to any dohm's in eau claire, or all them in medford?

Re: Moped Army Patch

i held one today. ah ha ha ha

Re: Moped Army Patch

the cranks are the circle. get in touch with me and get on the mailing list:

come out and ride with us, we'll see what we can do about a patch.

Re: Moped Army Patch

i think the dohm's in eau clare are dohms'es

at least the ones i know.

Re: Moped Army Patch

The mosquito fleet have the regular bordered b/w MOPED ARMY patches, get in touch with seth or brendan about one...

The ones paul sizer was printing up were discontinued long ago, sadly; only us O.G. pedders have one (grin)

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