a moped friend!

the moped that i just posted about yesterday,

just got a totally awesome buddy, a 1956 sears allstate from the coolest dude in his 60s, garage kept, etc.

its not perfectly complete - missing petcock, tank has inside rust, that little adornment in the center of the tank is gone, and i don't think those mirrors are stock. also, the wiring appears to have all been removed hastily, for some unknown reason. also, i think there was a spacer between the head and the carb - a really cursory "intake manifold," and either i'm wrong, or it's missing too.

but after wrenching the plug out, i found out it has spark... so i cleaned off the carb (not because i was gonna put fuel through it, but because i was excited), sprayed cleaner into the cylinder, and cranked... and it came to life!

probably the coolest thing about these for me, besides the totally awesome vintage style, is the manual shift... or maybe the coaster brake. i can't wait to clean the tank out and take it for a spin.

deazy, i know you have 2 of these. tell me how awesome they are?

also, do any of you compare these to the honda cub? obviously this doesn't have a fairing or a 4-stroke, but the cub's been described as invincible - and after 52 years, this thing's a clean gas tank away from cruising down the road.

oh yeah, forgot to mention the spark plug:

it has a little moped man on it! so tight! does that mean its original?

Re: a moped friend!

come on guys! buuummp

Re: a moped friend!

nice lol manuel.. ahhi want

Re: a moped friend!

Nice man. With some cleaning and getting her done up right she is gonna look nice.

Re: a moped friend!

dude, that is so awesome, I really want an allstate. That spark plug, regardless of original or not, it's pretty cool. I'd probably get a new one and keep that one just around.

That's going to be way fun to ride.

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Yea I found one of those moped spark plugs in an 80 motobecane 50V, I doubt its original to 1956. Probably from the late 70s early 80s when mopeds were big.

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very nice. you will have fun. i like the blue better than the red.

i just forwarded this to dz. put allstate in the title next time and brystheguy, andrew and everyone else will see it too.

what year (vin) is it?

Re: a moped friend!

Oh man, I'm so fucking envious. Congrats!

Re: a moped friend!

very nice man, phil was telling me about this yesterday. awesome find.

Re: a moped friend!

Nice nice nice!

It's the same as the European-sold model Puch MV50. It's not a 56 though. It's more likely early to mid 1960's. All the 1956's are still solid maroon.

Here's where ya shop in the US....

"Motor West Inc":https://www.motorwestmotorcycles.com/shop/

You can call Matt up there too, and give him the numbers on that tag, to see what year he says it is.

You can also shop one other place that I know of, but it's in The Netherlands....

"Rinky Toys":http://www.rinkytoys.nl/

Welcome to my world! heheee These are my favorite mopeds of al time. Yes, people sometimes ask me what year my "Honda" is, and I tell them it's not a honda, it's a puch, and that it's 1958.

You've prob'ly seen mine, but here it is again, by my brother's '57. Mine is the red and white one; his is the maroon one. I have 2 more maroon 1954's to get going and know where yet another one is in someone's scrap iron pile, I need to go get!

Great find!


Re: a moped friend!

Woops, I forgot to show ya....

a moped friend!

Very cool find. Jealoust sets in. I have two of the red and white ones along with some other Sears/Puch?Allstate stuff. All I need now is a Cheyenne and my collection will be pretty complete. Have fun with that one. They are truly unique.

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thanks guys! and deezy, thanks for the info - i'll be getting back with vin/model year answers soon... btw deezy, great looking bikes. any pictures bryan?

Re: a moped friend!

LOVE the old school bus Deezy! You are a lucky man to have all that vintage iron! 1200cc all day!

Re: a moped friend!

awesome find get it registered if you ned to in your state before you spend money getting her going! Beautiful bike! Best of luck!

Re: a moped friend!

heres my red


Re: a moped friend!

heres my blue. not running yet, needs my time


Re: a moped friend!

good find noah very nice,I hope nothing ever breaks on that though I think it would be hard finding parts for that year olf moped. BTW I have the brake pads for your Malaguti all boxed up and ready to go all i need to do is get some money in my pocket and get it down to the P.O.

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dude! that's awesome about the brake pads, just when i was getting nervous about just having front brakes too! have the handles/cables? (not as important as the brake hub)

anyways, i'm on vacation for a week starting in a few hours, so definately no worries about shipping them to me urgently.

btw - serial number 6023176

model number 810.94040

i'm almost not prepared to leave for a week - i can't wait to work on this!

Re: a moped friend!

my blue is serial number 6015247

and the vin is the same 810.94040.

The title claimed it was a 1965.

there is some history with the allstates that often sold models made earlier in a later year, and were registered in the year they were sold, not the year of manufacture. i know there is no disagreement with the earlier years, but i am not sure about the later years like ours.

Re: a moped friend!

yep, I believe an actual 56 would have the 000 #'s as 001... The 000 is 54 and 55. My 010 is supposedly a 58, but there's conflicting data on this subject. Hard to ever be TOO sure, but you can usually get close by a year or so. Matt, at MW Inc, has some book he looks in I think.

You're gonna have to keep an eye out for that gas tank compartment cover!

I think Rinke has them, but it's a long haul for that. I'll trade you your pedals for some brand new ones!

I also have a manual on CD for the 54 style, but almost everything is near identical. Email me for a copy.

Re: a moped friend!

Ah! another Allstate! Congrats on that. I always loved the simplicity of those.

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