garelli parts help!

I really need some help finding parts for Garelli v2 moped. I can’t find parts anywhere. Any suggestions?

Re: garelli parts help!

what do you need specifically?

VIP parts are hard to find to be honest.

Re: garelli parts help!

what parts are you looking for?

Re: garelli parts help!

I got the same bike, i need a petcock, or advise on one that would fit. and the plastic screw above 'olio'.

Re: garelli parts help!

two good sources

since this is an italian bike it may be good to find parts directly from its origin.

i recently ordered some parts from Angelo <> for reasonable pricing and shipping directly from italy.

you may also want to talk to zack from the burbon bandits as well <> he knows a lot about them

Re: two good sources

Angelo's Email:

Zac's Email:

...Just tell them what you are looking for. they might be able to help

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