Rain vs. Moped

Its been raining for a few days on and off here in New England.

I haven't invested in a motorcycle cover yet so used a shower curtain in the meantime.

When the Sun peaks out, what should I re-lubricate orcheck on before riding.



Re: Rain vs. Moped

definately the chain and crank and brake cables housings along with any exposed moving metal parts like decompression plug.

Re: Rain vs. Moped

Before heading into traffic be sure the brakes work.

Water can make them useless.

If they don't have the usual stopping power, ride slow with the brake lightly applied. you should notice an increase in brake grip as the heat from the friction heats and drys the brake shoes. When they feel norml again, they're ready for the road.


Re: Rain vs. Moped


how do u like the new coldplay album?

Re: Rain vs. Moped

hey matt...heard it on the radio in its entiriey....great melancholy drones throughout the album...haven't picked it up yet. have you?

Re: Rain vs. Moped

ive downloaded much of it from Kazaa.

there are some great songs on the album.

good melodies, great vocal lines, nice guitar drones.

Re: Rain vs. Moped

yeah I loike the album myself.. alot of drone.. jsut float off into thought parts to it..

You should make sure you have a good antivirus if your using Kazza..theres been some crap floating around lately.

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