info on 77' pacer moped?

i found a 1977 pacer for $100, does anyone know about what engine they have and if performance parts are available?

Re: info on 77' pacer moped?

I own two 77 Pacers. Most came with M1 Franco Morini Motori engines that are full of options. 1977 Mopeds sells a 65cc & 80cc kit for them, that with a modified Puch Polini exhaust and a 19-21mm PHPG carb and your doing between 40 to 55 mph. They're easy to work on and pretty easy to chase down parts for. Most all engine bearings and gaskets are available online. Most all engine bearings are available through measuring and cross referencing at Graingers.

Re: info on 77' pacer moped?


Some pictures...

The engine service manual:

It shows the reed valve engine but covers the non reed valve version as well.

Re: info on 77' pacer moped?

cool, i'm picking it up sunday,so hopefully it's not going to be trashed (havent seen it yet!)-thnx for the info.

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