sealed wheel bearings

does anyone know the size sealed wheel bearings i need for a italian spoked rear wheel?

Re: sealed wheel bearings

BryAn eurism /

If it already has sealed bearings look on the casing, it will have the # somewhere, it's usually on the dust covers. If they have no covers, get out your magnifying glass; it'll be on the edge of the outer race. Most common sizes are 6201 or 6001, depending on the thickness of your axle.

If you had ball and cone bearings, then you must machine the cups to accommodate a press fit for the new bearing's O.D. Then you are required to have a steel spacer tube that fits snugly across the cavity inside the hub, so that when you move the inner race with your finger, the other side moves the same. This will also help keep you from crunching the new sh*t you just put in.

As an added bonus after all that fun, the wheel has to sit directly in the middle of the swingarm and fender and should spin freely when everything is connected. That means the sprockets can't be so much as 1/8 inch off. That is accomplished by playing with spacers and washers inside the rear dropouts.

Re: sealed wheel bearings

Fucking best answer to a question ever ever ever!!!!!!!

Nice one Brian.

You guys do that at the shop?

Re: sealed wheel bearings

What are you guys using for the axle in these setups? Are you reusing the original or is there a good source for fresh axles?

Re: sealed wheel bearings

BryAn eurism /

We've been using the TOMOS 12 mil axles with 6201 or 6202, or 6001, IDK I always forget & I don't have the box in front of me ATM. BUT, they also work in the Leleu hubs for Sparta/ Batavus/ Puch with turned aluminum stock shims, like .005 to .010. Myron's has a guy make the shims & they're a real PITA to get in perfectly every time but they will eliminate the need for cones that nobody makes anymore.

Funnily enough when I was just discovering Myron's back in '02 I did it with my Sachs wheel (except for the spacer tuber part!)

BTW if you see the bearing #s followed by 'Z' or 'ZZ', all that means is Z= one side covered and ZZ= both sides covered. NBD but the difference can mean whether you can clean & repack later

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