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Hello first post here, first off I am new to the world of mopeds. I don't own one and have only rode one once. I am going to a college about seven miles away and thought that I could get incredible mileage if I used a moped to go back and forth. I have a drivers license for a car, is that all I need (I live in Austin, Texas)? I will have to get on a road that I will need to go 50mph for 2 or 3 miles(thats the speed limit but most people go faster so I would like to be able to also if possible). That would probably take some performance parts right? Would a sprocket, 70cc piston kit, larger carb, and exhaust accomplish this goal? Is a moped even a good idea for my application? The moped I'm looking at would be a new Tomos streetmate. Thanks for any help offered, and I look forward to joining this community if/when I buy a moped.

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Going 50mph on a moped isn't that easy on the bike. I'd recomend a motorcycle if you actually want to keep up for that 2 or 3 miles. Is there a large shoulder on the road?

I take mine out on the hiway sometimes, and just hug the side, and even pull off the road and stop if I have to, to let people by. Mine only does about 35mph.

You should check into your laws. Many can squeek by some of the laws, but 70cc might not classify as a moped in Texas.

Anyway.... Welcome!

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welcome to mopeds, it's not just transportation, it becomes an addiction....but you'll find that out later.


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If I took an alternate route where the highest I had to go was 40 would this be doable?

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yeah i ride on 40 mph streets... are there two lanes? if so you can do it cause people have no issues with going around.

tomos are good bikes, take a look around the site and read up and look at pictures and stuff. alot of people will tell you stuff, just make sure you really want the one you want, and take peoples opinions as opinions. do your research though, cause i didnt and ended up with a bike that wasnt what i was looking for.

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Well just get one of these, then you won't be looking for a cooler moped. Oh, and this isn't opinion, it's plain faced facts. hehehee

Yep I'd think the 40mph road should be fine if it's not too crowded.

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dude, i'm buying one of those today! crazy coincidence! i will make a frenzied post about it later. tonight. probably.

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Buying one of what? a moped?

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come on. a 50s allstate.

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I think I decided to go a slightly different route at least for now... Here is what i am checking out tomorrow http://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/766607375.html

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if your gonna pay that much for that you would be better off buying a moped.

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Gaaaakkkkkkk Taylor dont do it! for the love of god man dont !


it! get one like mine


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Dan..... I love your moped.

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Get a scooter or bike-engine thing, you get something that will break. Buy a moped, and you get 15+ fabulous rallies a year, 500+ new friends, and 15 years of posts on how to fix that moped you just bought... which will break. A lot. Just like anything else.

Enjoy your new addiction / transportation.

Buy a Moby to work on, buy a Puch to ride. Buy a Batavus to yell at.

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