Justifying my handle

Last night, me and the lovely and talented Erika Crank ressurected her lovely red 50v 'pierre.'

I finally brought a moby back from the dead... despite the hastily chosen handle of 'mobyman' this is the first motobecane i've ever brought back from the dead.

i started it up in the shop and watched the engine swing mystically back and forth until i almost asphyxiated myself.

hot damn i love french bikes. never thought i'd say that.

Re: Justifying my handle

How lovely; and how talented? And does she _justify_ your handle?

French bikes. They scare me. My Peugeot 102 snuck up on me once and pulled my pants down. It was cold out, but the darned moped thought it was funny anyway!

Re: Justifying my handle

Would you classify her as a Rubbernecker eating a pole?

Re: Justifying my handle

Glad to hear you have resurrected that moby. Good werk, you have finally justified your handle. You can fix mine, if it ever fails me? Ohh yeah, MOBY'S RULE!


Re: Justifying my handle

you like that thread title dont ya!

Better her to eat the pole than the pole eating me!!

Re: Justifying my handle


french bike for all their trouble really know how to satisfy you when they run they way their supposed to.

btw graham ur stunt double creature lee has also been taken by the la resistance movement, and he was one of the most hard core puch guys ever.

dude still reps the biturbo as the best pipe ever

Re: Justifying my handle

as soon as i find a puegot 103, i'll be full blown la resistance.

Re: Justifying my handle

happy day!

Re: Justifying my handle

Im building somthing to ruin your day.....

Re: Justifying my handle

i dont even want to know what nate bandit is building with his aluminum welding capablities.

in other news, i figured out what hobbit belt to get by (holy crap, powers of deduction) READING the numbers off the old one.

being self-sufficient makes me all warm and tingly inside. damn hobbit still doesn't variate all the way, i think the weights are fried.

Re: Justifying my handle

i got my kelly green 103 running sweet last night, viva la resistance!

Re: Justifying my handle

i think we're going to call the puch afficianados crew in MA

Der Einrichtung

'the establishment'

Re: Justifying my handle

i think we should call french bike aficionados


Re: Justifying my handle

its a simple matter of the dark and light sides of the force.

french is the path of the jedi

puch is the dark side of the force.

ultimately french tech will win. u just wait... its only been like 2 years since french performance has gotten popular in the state. lee resurrected an old thread in the performance section about the 1st ninja G3 over in in Jan 2007, less than a year b4 that i think erik or bret had the doppler pipe 4 the 1st time over here...

o its just getting started.

Re: Justifying my handle

i'll give ya that. they definitely have some cool hop up parts that are finding their way over here. also the fact that frenchies are so damn sexy. i'll probably have a frenchie some day.

Re: Justifying my handle

if jeti and syth are the case Im dubing my curant project bike haun solo

Re: Justifying my handle

Ha Haun Solo. Can't wait till I see your secret project revealed secretly.

Re: Justifying my handle

Well, then im naming my magnum Darth (In)Vader

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