Moped Covers

What do you guys use to shield your mopeds against the elements? In the past I've used a tarp to cover my 2 bikes, With rocks to hold it in place. It was pretty lame looking, but it worked.

Re: Moped Covers

Outdoor Grill cover from any local store. Right size, elastic bottom, rain proof, doesn't scream "moped / steal me"

Re: Moped Covers

I let the sun and snow and rain and hail and tornadoes and frost and dust and wind and leaves and branches and late-night people's pee and theiving eyes just ogle all over my moped. It's been outside most it's life., but I do have to oil them cables alot. I once had an umbrella.

I want to eat some lobster! Anybody wanna send me some? Guess I'll eat this can of re-fried beans for now. yay.

Oh Molson Ice is awesome beer! On your 4th bottle, my guitar becomes like an appendage.

Where do you buy moped pants?

Re: Moped Covers

bicycle covers are usually on clearance this time of year. BBQ ones are cheap in the winter.

Re: Moped Covers

if i do lock it up outside and know it's going to rain, i use a tarp.

Re: Moped Covers

one time my friend had parked her moped next to another moped with a cover on, she thought it was some guy stealing her plugs because the way the wind was blowing it. she was yelling and screaming at it to go away. but it ended up being a tarp. HILARIOUS.

little ot, but i thought I'd share.

I get to park mine in a garage so i'm a happy camper. =P

Re: Moped Covers

I try my best to use a garage, e-bay sells moped covers and grill covers seem popular.

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