Liquid gaskets?

Lets say you have an air leak on your puch. You removed your head gasket and cleaned the surfaces. But you still have an air leak.

What is a good liquid gasket solution to seal up any threat of air leak?

Where else would you use the stuff?

Re: Liquid gaskets?

I see alot of repair posts in the general forum. what is up?

Re: Liquid gaskets?

well I'm not actually repairing an air leak, i'm just curious about this stuff. I've heard its around and in the 'taking apart an e50' article he uses some liquid stuff.

i figured its a pretty general question, why not post in general discussion.

Re: Liquid gaskets?

The best for youre ped is grey

or Hondabond from a hoda car dealership is the greates

just dint use much

Re: Liquid gaskets?

This brings up a good point:

where should you post a question like "Anybody use JB Weld before?"

I mean obviously JB Weld is going to be used for some kind of repair, but if the topic isn't about a specific bike or problem, just about the product, then it's kinda in a grey area.

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