Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

Yep, my moped turned 50 years old today....

Heheee, well I'm picking today. It's fifty years old this year, and runs probably better than it did on it's first ride.

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

happy birthday to you! what a purdy ped. keep on rockin deez

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

Oh, and no, that's NOT a fake rainbow. We have real ones here.

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

Deezy if I ever go near you I'm so stoping out there and you ahve to let me ride one of them bad boys and happy birthday peddy..

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

The last rainbow I saw in Orange County.................


Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

I would call that a rain strip

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

You're right.... I was late by about 3 minutes of getting the full bright bow!!! Sad.

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

Nice ped Deezy and beautiful Rainbow,so what if you missed getting the whole thing by 3 minutes thats still a cool picture.

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

deezy! come to blood drive! damn it!

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

I do know man!

I am sadly prob'ly not gonna get there this year... :(

I want to so badly, but my summer is crammed packed this year.

#7 will be better anyway..... believe me, I've wept about this!

Crap......now I'm gonna go drink and drown my sorrows.

2 sexy lesbians: yep that's Deez... umm he's been in that huddled corner all night, we should we hop him?

Re: Happy Birthday Dear Mo-Ped

deezy is that a moto guzzi ? it looks just like an itlian MG but I understand the sold them to Montgomor Ward to re sell


It's all in the dash.

Deezy doesn't ride a moped, he rides a "mo-ped." A "mo-ped" is the name of a small motorcycle made by Puch and sold by Sears that has a 50cc engine and pedals.

A true moped is at least 65cc and has pegs.

What? You mean Deezy can just randomly pick yesterday for it to be his ped's birthday, but I can't call today Mean Sarcastic day? That seems totally fair, and bite me.

Happy Unbirthday to you, DZ-ped.

Re: Dash

thats a nice solex you have.

do you have a picture of your allstate (color)?

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