I had a dream about mopeds

It was great. I was in my parents barn looking for something that I needed to pack, and I walked into a room that had several mopeds. The more I looked around, the more peds I saw. I then remembered that I had bought these mopeds a long time ago and put them here and forgot about them. There were at least 4 or 5 Honda Express bikes in all colors hanging from the ceiling, and a Green Peugeot 103 trike (wtf?) and a few maxi's and a couple of Italian bikes leaning in the corner. I was so excited I probably wet the bed. I woke up, and this morning I was thinking about how I was going to move all those mopeds to Seattle, and then I finally realized that I don't have a Peugeot 103 Trike hanging up in the barn, and I was pretty bummed.

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I had a dream about zombies last night

Re: I had a dream about mopeds

when I was a kid, my brother and I were eating breakfast and our dad runs in all excited and pacing around... after a few minutes he starts looking all depressed, then starts laughing and goes back to bed.

Later that day he explained he had had been dreaming that he was outside and saw a bunch of frogs and thought "why don't they wear shoes?" and then he realized he could make little athletic shoes for frogs, and since nobody else was selling them, he'd corner the market and make millions. When he woke up he was still kind of half dreaming and was ready to start making his millions.

Re: I had a dream about mopeds

i dreat about eating it hard doing 34 on my maxi once. not a good dream

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^ haha

i had a dream last night that my dad had bought me a brand new gixxer 600. paid in full and everything. i go out to play with the bike and do some wheelies and shit, start romping on the engine, and it dies. i go to check out the engine and i "soft-seized" it. good dreams

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