Mobylette Key Missing

So, I picked up a decent condition older (1977, I believe) Mobylette last night. It needs some work before I can get it running. However, the previous owner did not have a key for it. Do I need a key in order to get the moped running? Or is it just for locking the handlebars? I apologize if this has been asked before. I searched and couldn't find anything... Thanks in advance.

Re: Mobylette Key Missing

The key is just for locking the forks.Hope you get that ped back on the road.


Re: Mobylette Key Missing

Awesome. That's the answer I was hoping for. Just means that I'll have to be a little more careful about security, locking it up.

The bike is in beautiful shape, very little rust (even in the tank). The previous owner had partially disassembled the engine because he couldn't get it running, so it will be my responsibility to reassemble it correctly. It will definitely be an adventure as this is my first moped...

Re: Mobylette Key Missing

There are several Moby owners in the area that would be happy to help you with your new bike - myself included.

Bert Smith

Re: Mobylette Key Missing

Awesome. Thanks for the offer. I just placed a big order this morning from mopedjunkyard on stuff that I know that I'm going to need (who knows what else I'm going to need, but don't yet know about yet). Once I start the reassembly, I'd love to get some guys in the know together to help me out.

On another note, my Mobylette has aluminum 5-spoke wheels. Has anyone else ever heard of these? I haven't been able to find any information about them on-line. Are brake shoes the same for the aluminum rims as the spoked rims?

Re: Mobylette Key Missing

Not sure about the shoes. What did you order? Mopedjunkyard is pretty $$$, there are a couple better options in my mind, including local (K-Zoo) at - these guys even come up to GR and ride with us. Also, I've spent a lot of money at Treats on eBay - another great on-line store.

Re: Mobylette Key Missing

I ordered the following:

new spark plug, new piston rings, new handlebar grips, new drive belt, new dust protectors for the front forks, and new gaskets for reassembling the engine (needed bottom gasket and cylinder head gasket).

It seemed like a lot of items that I was looking for were specialty items (like the gaskets) and that only mopedjunkyard had them in stock.

Re: Mobylette Key Missing

Yes, you're right for the most part.

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