Newbie gas mixture questions

Ive got a 78 Cimatti City Bike

What ratio should I be using for oil/gas??

Is there a specific oil I should use? Can I use car oil if its cheaper, if so- what viscosity?

Are there any benefits from using dif ratios?


Flamers keep away please

Re: Newbie gas mixture questions


32 or 40 to one. both are time tested.

cant use car oil, gotta be 2 stroke/ 2 cycle

no real benefits

i like the full synthetic stuff myself

Re: Newbie gas mixture questions

The manual says 33:1. You can also read through this article and this article for a bit more info.

Re: Newbie gas mixture questions

My old allstate was meant to run on 20 wt. Heavy mix, but it works far better with Amsoil Synthetic at about 45 or so to 1.

Re: Newbie gas mixture questions

i run 50:1 its a fuckin minarelli you can run it on less oil and over heat the shit out of it and it will still run forever

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