new '98 Tomos, need owner's Manual

Hey everyone,

I just bought a '98 tomos (sprint I think) for $225. It's a noped with a separate oil tank

I haven't started it yet, but the previous owner said the carb needed some adjusting...

In order to get it running again, I'd just like to be able to access simple info from the owners manual. I've searched but only found the shop manual. that would be useful if i ever decided to do an overhaul, but for now I just need to know the basics.

If anyone can point me to a pdf or something, that'd be sweet


Re: new '98 Tomos, need owner's Manual

just use the index and find the right page, out of the 3-5 on it not that hard. in my experience the normal manual never has what u r looking for any ways, and u have to look to the huge one.

Re: new '98 Tomos, need owner's Manual

like I said, I've looked through the repair manual and while it holds some great info, it just doesn't have the basic info I'm looking for. Simple stuff like starting, basic maintenance, what-have-you.

Re: new '98 Tomos, need owner's Manual

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