84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

So after i picked up my puch, about a week after that i went to an old guys house up the street that i remember had an old moped lying around. I asked him about it and he said i could ahve it for free but being nice i said i jsut cant take it so he gave it to me for a dolar. I dont know anything about it, it doenst run and i need to clean out the gas tank becasue of the 20+year old gas and its sediment. the battery is shot and i dont have keys but my knife works for turning the ignition. any info on this would be great.... and i also need new wheels for my 76 puch and new tires to so any info on that would be orgasmicaly awsome

Re: 84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

Sounds to me like you've got a QT50.

gGet a battery for about $10.99 (to run the accessories) and get an NGK BP4HS spark plug. Check for spark. Make sure you've got oil in the oil tank, that the oil pump is pumping and you've got good gas in the gas tank and that you're carb's clean and she should fire. She'll only start when the ignition is in "start" and won't start in "run." Other than that, it's pretty simple.

For your Puch, wheels can be acquired in the Buy/Sell forum and tires can be acquired from ebay or moped shops...or even local scooter shops.

Re: 84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

ok but my biggest probelm is that i think the dead battery is stopping it from sparking, i dont know alot about kik starts. and when im supost to have it in start, there are 3 positions on the kill switch and thats off run and off. and the ignotion part that i trun with my knife says run and off i believe. ill check in the morning. but thank you for giving me an idea of what im working on. im phsyced to have a 4 cycle. my puch is 2 and its chain the qt50 as u siad is shaft not chain wich is a beautiful thing. does that give it more torque or anything i need lots of torque to climb big hills around my house. sorry for the speling, im just kinda always in a hury to type things

Re: 84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

kill switch should also be in "run" when you want to start it.

Shouldn't need battery for spark, just for running accessories.

the ignition goes from left to right "off" "start" and then "run" put it in start to start or to check for spark.

it is not a 4 stroke, it's a two. it just has oil injection instead of requiring pre-mix.

the shaft-drive allows for quicker off the line but it won't be much better up hills than the puch...in fact, the pedals on your puch allow for pedal assistance on hills. that's the biggest drawback to nopeds (49cc moped w/o pedals)

Re: 84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

first off pull the carb and clean it, and clean it, and clean it again. Then add an inline fuel filter. Then put in a new plug, turn your ignition on, flip the thumbswitch to run, crouch next to the bike and hold the plug against the cylinder head. Use your hand to kick the kick start, and watch the plug. Are you seeing spark? If not, check the wiring. I've got an older qt (yours sounds like a pre-1984, mine is an 80 - the 1984 and newer ones had 3 indicators on the ignition, the older ones only two) and I've had a lot of spark probs due to cracked wiring or just old parts. If you are getting spark but it wont start, its probably the carb (but it helps to clean it really well regardless, with how long its been sitting).

84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

"quarterkick.com":http://www.quarterkick.com just got some tires in.

Re: 84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

battery is not needed on a qt50.

it only runs the turn signals, horn, and brake light.

You dont even need to hardwire into it to bypass it.

check your ignition coil, boot plug, and all your connections.

make sure you have all the relays and no missing boxes in the rear battery box of the bike.

if you have all that put together, then start with the basics, spark compressoin and gas.

Re: 84 Yamaha kickstart for 1$

thqnx guys. im kinda getting used to this thing. i cant try to fire it up becasue the gas tank is rusting from the inside so its kind of f-ed right now. is there a paint or sealer i can spray in there to stop the rust from getting into the gas. ive flushed it many times and went in there with compressed air but tis still pretty bad. so once i get that clean ill check all the wires and conections and such. i just wnat to get it running. as for the puch. its not leaking from the cylinder and the head anymore, i think the head has a small crack in it because when its cold some exhaust comes out from the bottom left corner. who knows. thank you for the info on this think its fairly disapointing. idk if i can find another tank. but yeah what kind of oil do i put into this thing reg motor oil or the actual mix???????

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